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Technical Support


Providing technical support isn’t a favor or a gift, it is a must. Technical support before problems arise, not just after the fact while scrambling for answers, excuses and finger pointing.PowerCOAT Industries Systems are so sure that we provide the highest levels and informative technical support, we invite anyone; property owner, architect, or contractor to call us today to answer your questions or needs.

Contact us today for assistance with your next project.

From here forward, we want you to refer to it as “Beyond Technical Support”, not just technical support. Give us a try.

On-Site Assistance


One of the many advantages to having over 43 assistance offices worldwide is the level of onsite assistance that we are able to provide to contractors and specifiers on the actual concrete flooring project locations. Whether it is to meet with an architect or property owner or to assist on the managing side of a large project, we are always glad and willing to assist with any concrete flooring project.

Spanning across the globe, PowerCoat Industries Systems has more than 43 distributions center in Canada countries and regions all over the world.  It doesn’t matter where in the world you are completing a project; we have assistance available to you within an arm’s reach.

We don’t like being stuck in the office any more than you, so contact us today! We will be more than happy to meet you at your next project site or at your office.


 Directors do, consult and help. We don’t expect anyone to really be able to just grab pre-written specifications from our website and properly write a spec or choose the correct finish for their project. PowerCOAT Industries Systems provides you with comprehensive consultations that will give you the confidence you need to complete any concrete flooring job.

Now it is time. Let us help you with your next concrete flooring project! We would enjoy sitting down with you to discuss it with your visions and goals in mind. We serve numerous clients ranging from residential property owners to installing industrial floorings with epoxy floor coatings. Fill out the form below and we will bring the coffee.

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